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Who should purchase this webinar?

This workshop is about helping you as the parent or caregiver understand a lot of things about the challenging child.

What does that term even mean?

It took me ages to come up with a label, because I hate labels, but this is the child in your family who isn’t a people pleaser. This is an independent, strong willed, vocal kid who likes control and likes to know what’s coming up.

They’re also not a huge fan of rules and regulations purely because they love to call the shots. This is a child who has a big issue with regulating feelings – the space between ‘I am feeling something really big’ and the meltdown is usually very small and often your dealings with a child usually goes something like this:

Child needs help regulating/something not going to plan or their way, child rejects parents help, parent wants to help, child feels anger (which is really shame and embarrassment) and then there’s a meltdown, yelling, aggression, slamming doors and so on.

Does this sound familiar?

This is the workshop for YOU.

Now as a kind reminder, there is nothing wrong with your child and you have not stuffed anything up. It just is what it is, we are all born with different temperaments. What we can do, is help teach our child ways to regulate. And we need to do things a little differently with these particular children. That is where my workshop comes in.

This workshop will cover the following:

– Explanation of what a regulated and dysregulated child means

– Why these children go from 0-100 so quickly and stay mad for a long time

– Why Emotion coaching these particular children does not work (Example: telling them that “you understand” actually fires them up more)

– Strategies to help you manage your frustration

– Skills to teach your child so that they learn to manage their regulation

Please note this workshop is not therapy nor does it replace a therapy session. By attending this workshop, it does not mean you have entered a therapist relationship with Coach Maysaa.

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